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Elmalle yhteistyöpentue viikolla 38!

Kasvattien omistajat!
Kiitos kuulumisista! Laittakaa lisää tulemaan ja otan mielelläni vastaan myös kuvia! Muistutan myös silmien ja polvien terveystarkastuksista.


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Elma synnyttänee ensi viikolla I-pentueen. Uroksena Fröke Fräkens Gunnar Strängh. Pentue on yhteistyöpentue Sinin omistajan Elman kanssa ja kysymykset pentueesta saa esittää mieluiten hänelle numeroon 050 4068420. Sukutaulu https://jalostus.kennelliitto.fi/frmSukutaulu.aspx?RekNoE=FI16418/13&ReknoI=FI45397/15


Tiineys vahvistettu Ultralla! Elma (AH Dixie Chick) on astutettu Urholla (Gladiator of jack and co), pentujen sukutaulu http://jalostus.kennelliitto.fi/frmSukutaulu.aspx?RekNoI=FI34857/12&ReknoE=FI16418/13

Lare (Faniloharoos Chevrolet El Camino) muutti Suomeen, super ihana jätkä!


Kiitokset ja vuosiepistollaa löytyy blogista! Pentuesuunnitelmia vuodelle 2016!

Thanks to all friends! Planned litters for 2016!



And it doesn't end here!


Armored Heroine's Dropkick Murphy Show Dog of The Year 2014 of Kiuruvesi Kennel club!

Erimarin Annamania Show Dog of The Year 2014 of Ylä-Savon Koiraharrastajat!



Helsinki winner: AH Dropkick Murphy Exc2, AH East Bay Night Dq, Erimarin Annamania HevW-14 BB2

Winner: AH Dropkick Murphy BOB Winner 2014 CAC CACIB, AH east Bay Night EXC, Erimarin Annamania EXC2 CQ


AH Dropkick Murphy a few more CAC's from Liminka and Äänekoski. Mother Mona was BOS at Äänekoski!


AH Dropkick Murphy: all together 10CAC's plus the cacibs!!! 2xBOB,1xBOS,1xBM2,1xBM3 from Kuopio-Helsinki-Lohtaja turnee!

Erimarin Annamania: 5xBOB-vet till now!


4lads and a lady were born. One available! More on blog.


AH Dixie Chick 2xPN2 ja SERT+vara-sert&vara-cacib pari viikkoa sitten! Ihana Elma ja Sini, onnea :)

AH East Bay Night ensimmäisessä näyttelyssään eilen PU2 ja vara-sert sekä isoveikka AH Dropkick Murphy PU3 vara-cacib! Riikalle ja Sannalle onnea myös!

Mona (Erimarin Annamania) la ROP-vet ja PN3 sekä su ERI2.


Ere 2xROPsertcacib Joensuussa!!!

Pentuja tulossa heinäkuussa 2014!



Few CACs and first time in intermediate class: BOB+first cacib to Ere (Dropkick Murphy). Elma (Dixie chick)has also done well in agility training and got res-CACfrom shows.

Great everyday news from many pups: all are doing well and keeping their homes happy!


AH Dropkick Murphy is Nordic Junior Winner 2013!!!!!

Fri: VG, SAT: NordJW-13+CAC, SUN: EXC3

AH Dixie Chick





Seinäjoki KV

Armored Heroine's Dixie Chick vsp jun ja PN3! BOS jun BB3!

Armored Heroine's Dropkick Murphy rop jun ja PU2 SERT! BOB jun BM2 CAC!

and extra positive critique from judge from the next ring! also mention of the white and smooth coat to Dixie Chick being what the breed needs!


at Parson Specialty 2013:

Armored Heroine's Dixie Chick BOB-puppy!!!!! Out of 35pups!!! and her Brother Dropkick Murphy 2nd in males with honorary prize!

Cleeve Hill kenzo Exc 4th cq in champion class :)



Cleeve Hill Kenzo Joensuussa 9.8 ROP ja SERT eli FI MVA :)


Erimarin Annamania became KVA-L (working champion) <3 --3--="">




Mona gave birth to 4males and 1female! All are eating and growing well and Mona is such a great mother :)


Loa test came 1.11.2012 and our results came at the beginning of this month: results are published on MY DOGS on each dog. The future litter by Mona and Simo is safe because Mona is clear and Simo is a carrier. They cannot produce affected puppies, carriers and healthy ones only. I'm glad and would have done this litter with these status's anyway. More about this LOA (late onset ataxia) you can read from PRT ry's website http://www.parsonrussellinterrierit.fi/40. A-litter is clear by parentage and B-litter's father will be tested shortly, Brody is clear from that litter. Because C-litter's father (our Mosse) is a carrier, Mitsu will be tested shortly too. No signs of the disease is shown on the C-puppies (now 1year 8months) so most likely Mitsu is clear. If dogs from a carrier-clear combination are used for breeding, they should be tested first.

Mona's tummy has been getting bigger since week2 so puppies are coming! <3 p="">

We made a trip to Helsinki Winner and Winner last weekend: great friends and satisfactory results for Simo and Brody! Simo got Exc jun3 and Exc cq jun2. Brody got Exc cq3 and Excellent. Congrats to all winner dogs!


Brody Dalle champion class Exc1 cq BB2 at Parson Speciality show! Simo VG!



Mona's charactertest: +201p. +++ shooting approved


PUPPY PLANS: Mona's and Simo's eyes were clear and knees ok in yesterdays check so will be waiting for Mona's heat in order to mate these two! Contact me for more info!


Armored Heroine's Brody Dalle is now a Finnish Champion! First of our small kennel, I'm very proud of this girl! Big thanks to Riitta 'mommy'!

This weekend at Liminka, saturday: Simo BOB+CAC and Brody BB2 res-CAC, and sunday Simo BD3 res-CAC and Brody BOS+CAC=> Fi Ch!


We moved from Kiuruvesi to Haapavesi! (about 100km to north-west) A big house with lots of space for the dogs on the countryside, a huge dream came true!

Simo and Brody have been collecting CAC's and excellent results all summer from shows, about those from our new blog when I manage to update it ;)


Our handsome baby boy was born on 9th of May <3 now="" with="" the="" dogs="" we="" re="" already="" training="" agility="" again="" and="" getting="" ready="" for="" summer="" shows="" :="" br="" our="" handsome="" did="" some="" great="" results="" at="" joensuu:="" p="" brody="" bob="" brother="" bobby="" bos="" simo="" bm3="" next="" day="" bm2="" wasn="" t="" entered="">


Brody BOB+cac at Tuusniemi 25th of February, at the same show Simo BOB-puppy with HP!


Mona got LUT B44 and Mosse B42 from Karttula fox trials. Mosse did B 42 also in Oulu so both will attend level A next time.

21.1.Brody received her 2nd CAC from Kokkola show with result Exc1 cq bb1 BOS CAC and at the same day his brother Pepe (AH Bobby Orr) was Intermediate class Exc1 cq BD4 res-CAC.


So much has happened since summer!

Mitsu received the Fi Ch title and also Brody received her first cac (with BOB-junior from Oulu Int)+many other great results!

Mona got LUT C39, LUT B42 and LUTC37 results from fox trials and Mosse LUT C35

Simo (Cleeve Hill Kenzo) moved to our house from Belgium

And we're expecting a human puppy..... :)


Brody Dalle did very nicely in her first shows: at Varkaus she was junior class Exc1 cq bb3 and at Pieksämäki Exc1 cq bb2 res-cac! Neitihän asustaa nykyään samalla kylällä sijoituksessa Kiki parsonin kaverina mutta kulkee vielä minun mukana :)



Puppies were born on 12th of April, 3boys and one girl. One boy is still looking for a loving home. Also Brody from B-litter is looking for a home due to my studying plans. She's very promising and loves agility!



AH Action Hero Akira: knees and eyes tested ok. Malla siis terve silmiltään ja polviltaan :)

Puppies for Mitsu and Mosse are expected in week 15. Mitsulle ja Mosselle pentusia viikolla 15 jos kaikki menee hienosti.



Brody Dalle is still looking for a home! Sijoituskotia vailla lupaava narttupentu siis :)

Mitsu received VG1 at Seinäjoki last weekend! Today eyes and knees were tested healthy :)



Puppies have moved to their new homes! Mitsu got Excellent in our Parson Speciality Show at Lohja!!!!


Puppies are born!!! Mona gave birth 2 handsome boys and two beautifull girls this morning :) I will update our blog as soon as possible... Everything went "textbook style" :)



Mosse (Erimarin Bosse) received his last CACIB with first try 6.8.2010 and is now C.I.B Fi & Ltu Ch JW-08 W-08 BaltW-09 Erimarin Bosse! And also was BOS both yesterday and friday!

Mona is giving birth any minute now....



Mona's handsome husband is Fi Ch Maitomiehen Morgan (Mosse). He just hit the jackpot by being BIS1 in international dog show at Ylivieska! Congrats to Marika! Puppies are expected in the beginning of August. Contact me for more information about this combination!



I have moved back to my childhood town, Kiuruvesi.

Mona's heat begun and we're going to meet one handsome sire this week.


Mona has been confirmed as C.I.B 17th of last month! She received her last cacib already in last August.

Mona and Mosse had their eyes checked, everything ok!

We are waiting for Mona's heat so puppies are expected hopefully next June.


Mosse became a father after Bordetella's Tao Tao gave birth 3+3 today (kennel Bordetella's).

Mitsu's Mother is CLEAR of PLL.



Mosse's parents are CLEAR of PLL (he is genetically clear) and so is Mona's mother. Mitsu's parents and Mona's father's results are coming.

Mona EXC/5 in championclass in Finnish Winner 12.12.09 and EXC/1 BB3 res-cacib in Nordic Winner 13.12.09.



Mona championclass EXC/3 and Mosse championclass EXC/5 in Parsons Speciality show at Hyvinkää 11.10.

We visited a fox for hunting practises and I have two almost test ready dogs! We just have to practise the empty cave's search.



Wuhuu I must say! I finally got these home pages published.

Kotisivut on onnistuneesti tehty vaikka keskeneräisyyttä onkin.